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Intervention Rehab Programs for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Every day, Intervention Rehab fields phone calls from distraught family members like yourself. These people are struggling with a loved one on the dark path of drug or alcohol addiction.

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We provide first-class addiction intervention services, specifically for cases where all else has failed. Our extensive client lists include concerned loved ones who have previously tried everything from patient discussions to threats, arguments and guilt trips.

If the above sounds like you, call us. Our facility is home to experienced intervention specialists who have seen how damaging addiction can get. We also understand how delicate this situation is. That’s why we offer flexible addiction intervention services.


What to Expect from Our Addiction Intervention Programs

Our addiction intervention programs are fully proven to enable people to receive treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction, even when they previously refused the help they need. Our work is in line with the principle that friends and family can play a part in bringing a struggling addict back from the brink. Combining this principle with the expertise our addiction intervention specialists bring to the table, we can overcome any objections your loved one has regarding professional help. Our effective addiction intervention programs cover the following:

Alcohol Addiction

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Prescription Drugs

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Drug Abuse

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Addiction Intervention Services

Our addiction intervention services have a higher success rate than you would expect. Most of our first-time clients are usually doubtful. After all, everything else they’ve tried has failed. Intervention Rehab can guarantee successful interventions because we use various service methods. Our addiction intervention specialists will listen to your description of the situation, customising approach models to get the best results.

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Addiction Intervention Programs

Our addiction intervention programs happen under the direction of a designated specialist. This specialist will meet with you, ask questions and formulate a credible intervention plan. They may also guide you on what to expect during the intervention and how best to react.

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Healing Process

Intervention Rehab’s addiction programs will only start after the highest level of preparation possible. And after a successful intervention, you can enrol your loved one in an appropriate inpatient rehab facility. Ours is a full-circle addiction intervention program optimized to give you peace of mind and start your loved one’s healing process.

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Why Choose Intervention Rehab Programs

Track record for success with intervention help

medical help

Our ultimate goal is to help your addicted loved one get the professional support and medical help they need


We strictly design our intervention programs to be non-judgemental, without shame and blame.

supportive environment

Intervention Rehab provides a safe, healthy, supportive environment for your loved one throughout the program.

family therapy

We often combine addiction treatment with family therapy.

Let Intervention Rehab Help You And Your Loved Ones

Intervention Rehab has everything you need to get your friend, partner, or family member started in a drug treatment program. However, we know how reluctant drug abusers can be to get the treatment they need. Hence, we offer access to various facilities and expertise designed to assist you and your loved ones. From one-on-one sessions to cognitive behavioural sessions, secured facilities, and empathetic intervention specialists, we’ve got every addiction intervention tool at our disposal. Let’s use these tools to get your loved ones the help they need.



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