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Toronto Alcohol Intervention Programs

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Intervention Rehab is the leading provider of alcohol addiction intervention for Ontario residents who have loved ones who just can’t seem to drop the bottle. Our comprehensive alcohol abuse intervention programs exist thanks to alcohol’s destructive hold. Frequent alcohol abuse changes your loved one’s regular thinking process.

Alcohol becomes the priority, and every other relationship takes a back seat. This neglect can extend to healthy living, work, school, interpersonal relationships, and mental health. Soon, your loved one’s penchant for the bottle can start to affect your life and that of others in the family circle. You have three options for dealing with a loved one struggling with long-term alcohol abuse. The first option is to live with the alcohol addiction problem. Secondly, you can confront your loved one, and if you’re lucky, you get a promise that they’ll do something about the alcohol problem. The third option is finding closure through an alcohol addiction intervention program.

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What Happens During Alcohol Addiction Intervention

Pre-intervention Consultation

Every Intervention Rehab client gets a dedicated counselor tasked with creating an alcohol intervention plan and making provisions for further treatment where necessary. The first step is a sit-down with this counselor.

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This sit-down is vital to discuss the addicted individual’s addiction history, special circumstances, and extenuating factors. Our intervention specialists can only determine an intervention plan offering the best chances of success after this consultation session. 

  • Addiction history
  • Discussions about the addict’s temperament 
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Relationship with the addicted individual
  • Health concerns
  • Suicide and self-harm potential

Follow-Up and Recovery

The aim isn’t to drop off your loved one at a rehabilitation facility in Ontario and say our goodbyes. Our alcohol intervention program extends until stabilization. We’ll keep up with progress reports and are always willing to extend support to loved ones where necessary. Finally, Intervention Rehab may recommend family therapy sessions depending on the crisis and nature of interpersonal relationships with the alcoholic.

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Intervention Meeting

The meeting is a crucial turning point in any of our alcohol intervention programs. It’s where we confront the addicted individual with the realities of their condition. Every involved family member or friend will have an opportunity to put their feelings into words. Our experienced intervention counselor will delicately steer the meeting into positive waters. We always aim for a positive atmosphere devoid of guilt, blame, intolerance, and harsh words. We believe that’s the best way to foster change, and our impressive track record proves it works. This section of our addiction intervention program doesn’t end without deciding on viable rehabilitation options. Addiction recovery options for severe alcohol abuse can range from detox to inpatient rehab and counseling.

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Best Alcohol Addiction Intervention Program in Ontario

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It’s easier to crawl out of a bottle when you have a ladder. Let Intervention Rehab be that extra support your family needs to manage an already broken situation. We promise to lead with love.

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Proven Alcohol Addiction Intervention Personnel

Intervention Rehab’s addiction intervention specialists are the ideal solution for the concerned family member, partner, or friend taking the backseat to alcohol in their loved one’s life. We’ll take over the entire intervention process, designing an intervention approach and follow-up measures to get your loved one into alcohol addiction recovery. The best part is we provide intervention services from a platform of complete care, professionalism, and discretion.

Our extensive alcohol intervention experience puts us in the position to understand how terrifying the prospect of any confrontation is. You’re likely worried about pushing your loved one away or worsening their alcohol abuse habit. But, you also have the right to say no to an alcoholic’s dangerous lifestyle choices. You’re simply doing everything to drag your loved one out of a hole. And even better, you’re doing it with the assistance of leading alcohol intervention specialists in Ontario. Intervention Rehab is home to highly trained and experienced addiction intervention specialists who can leverage advanced alcohol detox and recovery facilities to help.

Talk to us today. We’ll discuss your loved’s one situation and formulate a custom intervention plan.