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Intervention Rehab offers drug addiction intervention services for concerned friends, family members and colleagues in Ontario. Managing a friend or loved one who is addicted is difficult. And, in many instances, it’s near impossible to thread a path to recovery without expert help. Our drug addiction intervention programs are the ideal answer when you’re unsure of how to help your addicted loved one. When you’ve tried various methods of approach without considerable headway, expert drug addiction intervention is the smartest way to go. Combining your love and caring efforts with the targeted intervention of a drug abuse specialist will deliver positive results.

Recent studies show that 80% of interventions are successful when friends and family work together with specialists to handle the drug crisis. Furthermore, drug users are at least four times more likely to sign up for a treatment programme in the presence of a drug addiction intervention specialist. The numbers say drug addiction intervention is the ideal choice. Intervention Rehab stacks the deck by delivering specialized intervention programs handled by top-rated specialists in our Ontario facilities. With these resources and our relentless pursuit of addiction healing, we’re the help your loved one needs. Call us today to book a consultation session with any one of our board-certified drug addiction intervention specialists. We’ll discuss your loved one’s unique case and design a viable drug intervention approach.

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When You Need a Drug Addiction Intervention Program

Timing is a key factor in the decision to help an addicted loved one get help. In such a delicate situation, the easier path is often to postpone any intervention attempts. Sometimes, you may be worried about upsetting your loved one or worsening their drug abuse habit.

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In the end, drug intervention may be the only way to turn the addicted party away from the path to destruction. And it’s better to act fast when the drug situation becomes a matter of mortality.

Below are signs your loved one needs a drug addiction intervention program:

  • Secretive behaviour
  • Legal problems
  • Incessant mood swings
  • Health problems due to drug use
  • Social distancing from friends and loved ones
  • Financial problems
  • Problems at school or at work
  • Legal problems stemming from drug abuse
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For Family Members Choosing Our Ontario Drug Addiction Intervention Programs

Our drug intervention programs often involve sessions dedicated to decongesting family issues. Watching a loved one destroy themselves and those around them is incredibly painful. Unfortunately, this pain manifests as resentment, disagreements and strong words — all of which can worsen the drug abuse habit. It’s a vicious circle.

  • Maintain boundaries with the loved one. Always remember you’re also an important part of any relationship. You deserve respect and love.
  • Don’t neglect yourself. Create time to show yourself love and attention.
  • Learn to stop making hollow threats. Sticking to your word during the period is key.
  • Avoid long windy lectures that focus on past behaviour. Instead, it’s time to look to the future with your loved one. 
  • Encourage all of your loved one’s efforts to get help

At Intervention Rehab, family therapy is integral to our drug addiction programme. Our intervention specialists encourage loved ones to get involved and participate in group therapy sessions.

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Start Drug Addiction Intervention Today

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Intervention Rehab is outfitted with the resources to customize intervention programs to fit individual needs. Plus, the experience of our intervention specialists and commitment to periodic training allows us to deliver first-class drug addiction help. 

Get your loved one on the path to complete recovery. Call us today!

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Why You Need A Drug Addiction Intervention Program

Research from the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction conclusively states that drug abuse changes the human brain’s natural operation. Consequently, it’s harder for an addicted loved one to hear the truth, especially when it’s coming from a loved one. Resistance is guaranteed, but drug addiction intervention specialists have tools developed over years of training and experience to break through. In many drug addiction cases, intervening without the assistance of a professional drug intervention counsellor can worsen the situation. Your loved one may react defensively and start to distance themselves from you.

Our top-rated drug addiction intervention programs in Ontario rely on the principles of dignity, genuine care and proven treatment techniques. We pay attention to the finer details, crafting a well-rehearsed approach that ensures the message gets through. Intervention Rehab uses various intervention styles depending on the addiction severity and any co-occurring behavioural or mental disorders. Our drug intervention programs in Ontario can incorporate elements like inpatient rehab, behavioural counselling and motivational treatment.