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Crisis Intervention Programs in Toronto, Ontario

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crisis intervention programs ontario

Every day, Intervention Rehab fields phone calls from distraught family members like yourself. These people are struggling with a loved one on the dark path of drug or alcohol addiction.  Our addiction intervention programs in Canada exist because we understand how deep the problem goes. Your loved one is either in denial about the situation or too scared to get professional help. In severe cases, this family member may even be accepting of their situation.

We provide first-class addiction intervention services, specifically for cases where all else has failed. Our extensive client lists include concerned loved ones who have previously tried everything from patient discussions to threats, arguments and guilt trips. Intervention Rehab is the extra step to get your loved ones the help they need.  If the above sounds like you, call us. Our facility is home to experienced intervention specialists who have seen how damaging addiction can get. We also understand how delicate this situation is. That’s why we offer flexible addiction intervention services.

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How Our Crisis Intervention Programs Work

Crisis intervention programs at Intervention Rehab typically extend for a few months at best. It’s a brief intervention program outfitted with treatment methods, counselling steps and situation management for individuals causing harm to themselves and those around them through drug use.


At Intervention Rehab, our crisis intervention specialists start by evaluating the severity of your loved one’s situation. We’ll check for threats and dangers like:

  • Drugs
  • Firearms
  • Alcohol
  • Physical violence
  • Self-harm and suicide
  • Mental health problems
  • Sharp objects

Our crisis services are the best near you because we also incorporate treatment and counselling procedures. The Intervention Rehab crisis approach views any professional interference as an opportunity to provide your loved one with the tools to overcome addiction.

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The Intervention Rehab Recipe for Crisis Intervention

Every one of our patients gets attention from a specialist who fulfils the following conditions:

  • Has specifically undertaken specialist training focused on crisis intervention
  • Works with subordinate certified professionals to remain available 24/7
  • Stays flexible with appointment times and schedules
  • Has proven experience in a range of intervention settings and services.
  • Licensing and experience with social work, psychology and medicine
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Get Critical Addiction Crisis Help

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addiction crisis help

Intervention Rehab offers comprehensive addiction crisis services, including detox, inpatient therapy, residential, and medical treatment. The best part is we’re always ready to customize our intervention approach to fit you or your loved one’s situation.  Our intensive intervention programs are designed to stabilize your loved one’s mental and physical health through targeted treatment procedures. We also include extra treatment steps in the form of counselling sessions to help maintain sobriety. In addition, our service includes peer support, life skill procedures and personal development.

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